A Comprehensive Guide To Getting The Best Pro Hormone Stacks

When I was born I was a premature, feeble and sickly baby. As I grew older, my physique didn’t change much, save for being WAY taller than kids my age. However, what i remember the most is telling myself that I would one day brace the covers of all the popular bodybuilding magazines and become the world’s strongest man. “What crazy ambition!” you might say, but that did become a reality, albeit not as detailed as I imagined it. Anyone can be stacked. The secret is sticking to only the best prohormone stack page. The first step, however, is understanding a few technical aspects of prohormones. Only then can we start talking about the some of the best prohormone stacks.

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Just to recap, synthetic hormones like anabolic steroids are designed to imitate the effects of the hormone testosterone. Testosterone has an anabolic function (strength, muscle and bone mass) and an androgenic function (the development of male sexual characteristics). So depending on your intentions you will have to be sure of getting the right product.

At the most basic level, Prohormones are chemical compounds which, when converted by enzymes, take the form of anabolic hormones. As such they are considered as precursors to a hormone in the sense that they lie in wait until the right time for their conversion and release into the bloodstream. A little foggy, right. Well, it gets easier to grasp. What better way to shed some light by listing a few examples of notable prohormone stacks.

Androtest (Cyclo-4-Androstenediol) by Fusion Supplements

Androtest is one of the most recommended prohormone stacks on the market because of it’s fast acting nature. Unlike traditional prohormones that require timed conversion, this product is converted to testosterone directly after it enters the bloodstream. Subsequent conversion (aromatization) to estrogen is a possibility, but this can be curbed by using an estrogen blocker. It can also be stacked with other prohormones.

Liquidien: (17 hydroxyestra-4,9-dien-3-one) by Fusion Supplements

Now here’s a supplement that can bypass the enzymatic conversion process at double the speed of most prohormones. It therefore delivers faster muscle gain, and, it doesn’t aromatize to estrogen.

Protodrol by i-Force Nutrition

If I could pick a prohormone from the shelf with my eyes closed then this would be it. It is a less toxic compound, doesn’t convert to estrogen and it has multiple additional benefits that include weight loss.

So now that you have a bird’s eye view of the prohormone market let’s starting bulking!