Unleashing Your Physical Best With Steroid Cycles

Supplements have been used for years in bodybuilding and athletics as well as in the medical industry. Nevertheless, there have been always good enough reasons for their use. In order to determine the best steroid cycles for yourself, first ensure that you know what you want and what to expect.

Different steroid cycles have different results. For instance, there is a steroid for bulking and weight gain and another for losing cutting fat and gaining more lean muscle. Keep in mind that you cannot use two different steroids cycles at the same time. However bulking cycles are usually succeeded by cutting cycles with aim of shedding any extra fat and toning up the muscles.

Start with Testosterone

Testosterone is produced naturally in the body. As a beginner, therefore, your maiden steroid cycle should only involve testosterone supplement. The idea is to allow the body to get used to supplements by first giving it what it is used. If you plan your cycles properly, you will get amazing results without having to use any other supplement.

Don’t Begin with Stacking

One of the benefits of starting with testosterone-only cycles is the fact that you will get a chance to gauge the reaction of your body to steroids safely. If you get bad results, chances are that you will get worse with others. In most cases, the use of a steroid stack is to court danger for a beginner simply because you have no idea on what reaction to expect and you cannot pick out the exact steroid that produced an unfavorable reaction.

Keep Doses at an Effective Minimum

When your body get used to the supplements, pick the most favorable ones and put them in a stack. However, don’t overdo it. Many people assume that the larger the dose in their steroid stacks the better the results. This is untrue.

Even the best steroid stack cannot work on its own. You will have to sweat it out in the gym and take proper diet. However, your dose should not be too low to produce the desired effects.


Choosing the best steroid cycle is no easy task. However, you only need to have clearly marked goals and a good plan on how to achieve them. In bodybuilding, a good plan often comes in form of an excellent cycle supported by proper workout and diet programs.  In addition, remember that the best steroid stacks are a result of careful and unhurried choice-making.