Buy HGH – Effects Of Using Human Growth Hormones

HGH is a naturally produced in the human body by the pituitary gland. It has many benefits including stimulating growth in children. It also plays part in regulating growth of bones and muscle as well as metabolism of fat and sugar. Its benefits plus mild nature make its demand in exogenous form high. Not only is Human Growth Hormone used for therapeutic purposes but also for performance enhancement. However HGH is not a steroid.

Its functions include ability to enhance metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. This in turn lowers cholesterol levels. The hormone aids in growth of muscles promoting fat loss. HGH also regulates hydrolysis of triglyceride providing conditions to reduce body fat.

HGH when used in performance enhancement cannot provide maximum effects unless it is used alongside anabolic steroids. Nevertheless on its own it has numerous benefits like boosting metabolism and enhancing recovery. It also improves bone strength, joint strength and promotes growth of lean tissue.

Since the body already produces HGH, supplementing it is usually safe but side effects are unavoidable. They include headaches, nausea, dizziness and respiratory infections during early stages of administration. Carpal tunnel syndrome is also a possible side effect due to water retention around the wrist. Hypothyroidism can occur due to insufficient production of thyroid hormone. When the hormone is abused it leads to complications like type-2 diabetes since it reduces sensitivity to insulin. Enlargement of jaw, hand and feet is also inevitable.

Human Growth Hormone steroid is available in injectable form (effective) and Growth hormone pills. For treatment the recommended dose per day is 1-2iu for female patients and 1-3iu for male patients. For athletes the recommended dose is 2-4iu for males and 1-2iu for female.

Human Growth Hormone for sale is available in pharmaceutical markets and also from black markets. In black markets however HGH pills for sale are usually counterfeited. Therefore the best option is to buy HGH in pharmaceutical markets with a prescription. Buying HGH online poses a risk of under standard HGH steroids.HGH for sale should meet the standard FDA recommendations.To avoid to buy Human Growth Hormone tablets,it is advisable to check these recommendations.

Based from the above discussion, HGH has tremendous benefits for both therapeutic settings and performance enhancement in athletes.