Why Prohormones Are Still Preferred

Did you know that prohormones are anabolic steroids similar to steroids? Prohormones work by converting into active steroids once they are in the blood system. The difference is they exist in an inactive form while steroids are already active. This is why they are preferred since they are naturally converted through an enzyme process. Technically, this is the reason why they are still accepted in some countries.

Prohormones continue to be accepted as potent muscle-building supplement. In the view of many users and bodybuilding experts, prohormones are strong compared to steroids. If you are a beginner who wants to be safe, pro hormone could just be the better option compared to steroids. However, you do not have to think that the best prohormone do not cause any harm to the user. Since they are anabolic substances and that they are oral substances, they can cause liver stress.

What are the Side effects?

Because the operations of pro hormones are similar to steroids, they come with side effects such as the following:

• Acne
• Hair loss
• Liver stress
• High blood pressure
• Gynacomastia

To help minimize the above effects, it is recommended that users take post cycle therapy (PCT) following a prohormone cycle. Do not be fooled that the best prohormones are extremely safe and mild and that you do not need a PCT. This assumption can mess up your health owing to the risky nature of androgenic anabolic substances. Just like steroids, there are prohormones that are purpose-specific in the sense that some are best suited for bulking while others are good for cutting. Therefore, choose the type of prohormone that will address your specific needs while ensuring your safety.

Bulking pro hormones

Here are some of the bulking prohormones for sale that you can use to pack up more muscle mass and weight:


Cutting prohormones include the following:


In addition to the above brands, there are tens of different prohormone blends on the market designed by different companies, all of which are formulated for bulking and cutting. Buy the best prohormones on the market from websites that have a long history of dealing in prohormone supplements. When you buy prohormones that are legit, you minimize the risks of buying fake products that carry the brand of legit ones.